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About our team:
Our platform (Rostly.com) is the first and one of and fastest video dictionaries that utilize
• Big Data
• Data Science

It`s designed to improve your learning process to increase your vocabulary in real-life contexts to keep in touch with it when you want to enhance your vocabulary practically. Since one of the most difficult parts of learning a language is increasing the range of vocabulary.
But, there are various ways which make confuse the learners, so we decided to consider the best technology-based framework and we developed a complete and intelligent platform to enhance the learners` real learning
The system attempts to transfer every word of the learner learns, from Short-term Memory to Long-term Memory of the Learners using a series of sequences generated  from different movies or it is better to say videos.
Therefore, we have supplied an individualized panel for managing your leanings and realize your progress moment by moment
What is more, when you observe your learning sequences in detail, also some operations such as part of speech (POS) runs using SRTs to facilitate the learning process which makes the learners understand to precisely.
You can also add the new words into your favorite and personalized word box to be reviewed later inside the movies.
Here, the present infographic shows how a word stabilizes inside the person's mind to internalize in our real life. Be sure, the method we take is the best and most effective way.
A new vocabulary learning cycle in the human brain:
Study of neurons:
Check the available methods:
Highlighting our own way.
To publicize the present platform, we need your contributions.
Accept our warmest welcome to the new trends in learning platform; all our efforts are to ensure that the existing of different languages in all around the world shouldn’t engage your minds to think that you are wasting your time.
Be sure you spend your energy ideally, and you can learn any languages any time online with us.
Success is in your hands just touch it